Yummy Diet.. A diet from Yuma

We are introducing a new concept, a new lifestyle:

“No Diet Approach” to our Medical Weight Loss Program

What is our “No Diet Approach”?

Our approach is different to other weight loss programs, we recommend that you eat what you want to eat either at home or when outside. There is no need to buy any special diet foods! We just educate and help you to eat the right kind of foods and keep a close eye on your calorie intake. Some calories cause more weight gain than others such as high carbohydrates, especially carbohydrates with high glycemic indexes such as simple sugars. Foods that are high in protein or high fat calories actually help you lose weight faster compared to diets with similar calories coming from carbohydrates.

We believe that any diet program should be a lifestyle change, not just a pre-packaged food delivery system that will never work out! A few of the reasons for non-compliance with other weight loss programs is due to food being too artificial, too restrictive and having a high cost when buying the artificial foods required over a long period of time for them to actually work.

Our “No Diet Approach” is a new concept we want to introduce to the whole nation rather than just in Yuma alone since obesity is a nationwide problem. The “No Diet Approach” will help you avoid hidden calories in everyday foods.

Hidden Calories

This is a concept introduced by Dr. Fazil, these calories are hidden in foods you eat but are not aware of and they sneak up on you. An example is going to a fast food restaurant and wanting to order just a plain hamburger, but suddenly you are told that if you buy a “COMBO” it will be less expensive compared to buying a simple hamburger. Watch out!

These are the calories you want to avoid, they are hidden calories you were not expecting to ingest. Not only have you have become a victim of the food industry’s up-selling technique but ingested extra unnecessary calories that will cause weight gain.


Food industries make healthier food options more expensive in order to lure you into buying high-calorie foods since they are least expensive to produce.

By starting and sticking to our “No Diet Approach” you’ll be able to eat what you want to eat including eating healthy, not what the food industry wants you to eat.