Useful Links

Weight Loss Program Useful Links

The links provided below will help you along with your Medical Weight Loss Program. The information provided below are recommendations for tools that will help you achieve your weight loss goals, they are not required but could be helpful while on the Weight Loss Program.

Bio Family Clinic

Bio Family Clinic

Weight Loss Management Program website



Useful resources pertaining to your weight loss goals

Weight Loss Calculators

Weight Loss Calculator

GFR Calculator ( Kidney Function)

Kidney Function

New Picture After Weight Loss

Visualize You

Weight Loss Mirror


Note: These EMS products are only designed for muscle tone up and conditioning. Slendertone is the only FDA approved product as per their website.

Below you will find video demonstrations of how to use the products and where to buy them.

Slendertone Abdominal Belt
How to use Abdominal Belt Video
Buy Product Slendertone Abdominal Belt
Slendertone Glute & Thigh Accessory
How to use Glute & Thigh Accessory Video
Buy Product Slendertone Bottom/Glute Accessory
Slendertone Arm Toning
How to use Arm Toning Video
Buy Product Slendertone Arm Toning Device
Slendertone Revive Device
How to use Slendertone Revive Device Video
Buy Product Slendertone Revive Device

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